Refunds will be given in case of any tour cancellation instigated by us, or in case of unexpected closures of the monuments.

Late arrival or Absence

If you are absence or arrive late for the tour (the meeting point is 20 Minutes before departure), you will NOT be refunded. In this case your alternative options will be dependent on the availabilities of tours / tickets and / or our discretion. We will do our best to see you onto an alternative and accommodating tour.

Cancellation and Refund Procedure:

You can submit the refund request via email at by sending your booking confirmation, payment invoice, or money receipt (depending on how you have paid) and by adding a detailed explanation for your cancellation reason.

The refund request then will be answered and (if reasonable) processed promptly. We will not be responsible if the email fail to reach, but if you don't receive an answer within two business days, you shall call the Pioneer Tours office immediately at +39 06 6648 3415

NOTE: We cannot grant refunds more than 15 days after completion of tour date.