Skip-The-Line: Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel - Entrance Tickets Only

  • Adults

    €33.00 / Per Person
  • Students

    €25.00 / Per Person
    With a valid student ID under the age of 26
  • Childrens

    €25.00 / Per Person
    From 6 to 17 years of age, with a valid ID proving their age
    Children under the age of 6 are FREE


Skip-The-Line: Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel - Entrance Tickets Only

This ticket to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel is the perfect option if you've got limited time to simply skip the queues and discover the sites yourself.

Benefit from online booking

The public access to the Vatican Museums is notorious because of its incredibly long queues. In a slow-moving line, people frequently queue to the museum doors for hours. In reality, waiting up to four hours to get inside during the peak season is not unheard of, which can be extremely frustrating, mostly if you have a limited amount of time. Fortunately we've got a solution! Our skip the line tickets allow you to bypass and join the general line of admissions much faster. A ticket for priority access increases your time inside the Vatican by reducing all the unwanted waiting outside.

We're arranging everything once you book. Just showing up at the right time in our office and we're going to bring you right inside the museums, where we're going to give you your ticket.